How do young children use space to create meaning?

Assign. 1 blog post Teresa Strong-Wilson and Julia Ellis wrote an article regarding the Reggio Emilia approach to education. Titled Children and Place: Reggio Emilia‘s Environment as Third Teacher, the article presents the idea that space/surroundings as being influential in a child’s learning and development. According to Wilson and Ellis (2007), childhood is the timeContinue reading “How do young children use space to create meaning?”

Traditionalists – Curriculum & Theory

For this week’s blog, I would like to touch on the works of R. W. Tyler and his theory around curriculum. In an article written my Mark K. Smith, he discusses four ways in which one can approach curriculum theory and practise: Curriculum as knowledge to be transmitted Curriculum as product Curriculum as process CurriculumContinue reading “Traditionalists – Curriculum & Theory”

Commonsense: what's it to ya?

In the introduction of his book ‘Against Commonsense: Teaching and Learning Toward Social Justice’, Kevin Kumashiro defines the term commonsense as ‘what everyone should know’. A quick google search brought up much the same definition: “good sense and sound judgement in practical matters”. Kumashiro gradually progresses to an additional definition of this term when speakingContinue reading “Commonsense: what's it to ya?”

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